Supporting one another means showing up for one another, and to do that we’d like you to commit to a few things by taking this pledge:

  1. I will treat everyone with respect. Checkin is for anyone, anywhere. Harassment of other members, on or off the platform, may ultimately lead to suspension. Assume the best intentions in your conversations and be willing to accept feedback if you unintentionally make someone uncomfortable.

  2. I will honor my commitments. If you agree to a Checkin, plan to show up to it. Life happens, we understand, so in unexpected situations, you may cancel or reschedule. If this occurs, please communicate any changes to the person you’re checking in with. Remember, others will only wait for you for five minutes. Check out our article on no-shows for tips.

  3. I will keep it light. Remember that you’re speaking to a peer, someone who’s likely going through their own tough times. It’s unfair to ask them to suddenly shoulder the weight of your trauma. Share - but be mindful of things that can be overwhelming or triggering. Above all, Checkin is not a substitute for therapy. If you feel like you’re in crisis - seek professional help.

  4. I will be mindful of everyone’s time. Stick to the 20-minute window. If you’re really having a great time talking, inquire about setting up another Checkin in the future.

  5. I will keep myself safe. Don’t give out your personal information (phone numbers, addresses) or host Checkins off-platform as we will not be able to investigate in case of an issue.

  6. I will practice discretion. Refrain from sharing personal details from your Checkin sessions with other members. Vulnerability can be tough to arrive at, so don’t betray anyone’s trust by exposing private information about them to someone else.

  7. If I see something, I’ll say something. Contact the team if you see anything that doesn’t abide by our guidelines or if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable. Take care of yourself first and trust your gut. You always have the option of leaving a Checkin for any reason. Here’s where you can find what we do not allow and how to report something.

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