We created Checkin to provide a space for people who’ve experienced similar things in life to connect and support each other. Checkins are safe, confidential 1:1 video conversations where you can talk to someone that gets it.

We Checkin to…

  • Ask “how’s it going?”

  • Share experiences

  • Be reminded we’re not alone

Checkin is not therapy, and it’s not a quick-fix solution. In a world where we’re inundated with deadlines, self-help books, and measures of productivity, we know how important it is to have a place to take a breather, where answers and solutions aren’t the focus. Where instead, you can come just as you are to connect with other people who have been through something similar.

Checkin is for anyone, anywhere. This means that we don’t vet for licenses or certifications in things like coaching or mental health. Checkin members come together, armed with their own life experiences, to listen, share stories, and ultimately, Checkin on one another.

To get the most from Checkin and to ensure everyone has a positive experience, we ask for your commitment to our Community Guidelines. These guidelines encourage you to bring your full self while remembering to center our values of respect, empathy, kindness, safety, and honesty in your interactions.

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