When creating your profile there are a few things it must abide by:

  • Must use a real name and photo (no usernames, avatars, heavy filters, or stock photos). Remember that the core part of Checkin is the 1:1 video chat. Members should feel as safe and comfortable as possible going into the meeting which includes knowing they’re talking to a real person and knowing how to address you.

  • Avoid offering to teach or provide prescriptive solutions. This includes solicitation or selling a service. Checkin is about providing space to support one another by listening and sharing experiences. We want our members to feel it’s okay to come as they are and not feel pressured to change - there’s enough of that out there already. Sometimes all you need is to be heard and know you’re not alone.

  • Tell your story. Whether it's in a topic description, bio, or story video, part of connecting with others on Checkin is discovering people who have gone through similar experiences. If your profile is empty or only contains a few words it will be difficult for others to connect with you.

  • No graphic or disturbing language. When telling your story, try to keep it PG. We'd hate for members to be triggered by graphic descriptions of traumatic events while looking for others to connect with. Be mindful of how much you're sharing and remember that you're connecting with peers and not trained professionals.

  • No hate speech or damaging content to a third party.

  • No misinformation.

We may remove your profile at any time if your profile goes against any of these guidelines. You'll be notified and given the opportunity to make adjustments.

If you have any questions please reach out!

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