The core experience of Checkin is the 1:1 video chat - so it’s really important to show up once one has been scheduled. We want to be mindful of everyone’s time and willingness to be vulnerable, so we’ve implemented a no-show policy. Three no-shows will result in the suspension of your profile.

Here's what we recommend to make sure a no-show doesn't occur:

  • Verify your phone number for SMS notifications in your Account Settings. You’ll receive texts about upcoming Checkins that include the link to join the room when it’s time.

  • Utilize the reschedule and cancel functions. These can be found in the emails you receive after a booking, as well as within the chat dashboard. If you’re within the three-hour window of the Checkin and something has come up but you can’t reschedule or get in contact with the other person - cancel it! You can always re-book.

  • Send a message! Introducing yourself and discussing what you’d like to connect about will allow you to learn more about the other person, increase commitment, as well as form a foundation for the Checkin.

Note: We recommend only waiting 5 minutes if the other person hasn’t said they’ll be running late.

If there's a special circumstance that didn't allow a cancellation or reschedules - please let us know! Things happen and we won't hold it against you. Aside from us, it's important to communicate with each other to avoid misunderstandings or hard feelings.

If you have any questions let us know!

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