What happens during a Checkin?

After you tap the link to join your Checkin, you'll go through some quick steps to make sure your camera and mic are working properly. We require everyone who joins the Checkin to do this so you don't have to your setup during a Checkin. 

Once everything looks good, you'll be matched with the next available peer who joins. If you aren't ready to be matched, tap "Pause my matches" and then "Unpause my matches" when you are. 

Once we've found you a match, you'll both be placed in your 1-on-1 video chat. Follow the prompts at the bottom for guidance and keep an eye on the timer. If you end early or need to leave for any reason, tap the "X" on the bottom right to leave the Checkin.

You'll be asked to leave some quick feedback and, if you have time, you can stick around to get matched with someone else. 

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