What if there's a troublesome encounter at a Checkin?

If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable during a Checkin:

  • Remove yourself from the situation by tapping the "X" button
  • Tap 👎 on the next screen and leave a note describing your encounter
  • Contact us at support@checkin.cc. Please report anything that goes against our guidelines or makes you feel uncomfortable. 
  • Be as detailed as possible when reporting. Include screenshots and other forms of documentation to support your claims.
  • The team will review your submission within 24 hours and get back to you on the next steps if there are any for you to take.
  • All reports are taken into consideration on an individual basis and are regarded with the highest degree of empathy.
  • We may suspend access to the platform while we investigate, but believe in learning from mistakes and giving opportunities for second chances.
  • Consistent disregard for our Community Guidelines may however result in permanent suspension from the platform. 
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