Network Requirements

Required Speeds 

Checkin's video chat is built on WebRTC, a framework that uses peer to peer (p2p) connections and MESH networking. With these types of connections, audio and video data streams are sent directly between two or more user devices. This can be a great way to send data for 1-on-1 Checkins, but it relies on a fast internet connection and minimal latency. For Checkins, you'll need at least 2.0 Mbps outbound (upload) and 2.5 Mbps inbound (download). 

Network Configuration & Security


If you or your company use a firewall, you may experience some connection problems depending on your firewall settings. For a smooth experience, we recommend:

  • Opening port 443 for outgoing traffic for both TCP and UDP. 
  • Additionally, outgoing traffic should preferably be direct and not sent through a proxy.


Right now we don't recommend using Checkin with a VPN. Because our service is peer to peer, not having a consistent IP address can cause problems connecting to rooms, or in some cases a specific guest in the room. Our recommendation is to turn off your VPN when having a Checkin, and then turn it back on after finishing the meeting.

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